More work on my indoor painting…with much adjusting of values and shapes, trying to build a beautiful surface all the while.  It’s an oil -primed linen mounted on panel that I primed myself, and the linen has a fairly coarse, handmade thing to it.  I think it suits what I’m attempting perfectly.  If I can do more priming like this I will, definitely.

For the duration of the work on this painting it’s:  simplification of masses, values, adjustments of color, maybe a glaze to warm things here and cool things there.

untitled 18 x 24″

It’s also great to be making use of so many of the loose reference sketches scattered about my studio.  They are so much more useful to me  than I could ever imagine photographs being.

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  1. No need, but would love to see a compilation of the sketches to get an idea of your collected inspiration for this.

  2. Barbara, that would be a good topic when I get the time. It’s small oil sketches and some paintings that are awaiting framing. To be accurate, I use them as reminders of shapes of trees, colors, and shadow shapes. There’s a small watercolor sketch that I did quickly as a composition guide as well. It’s a pleasing way to work.

  3. No wind, either.

  4. It’s very peaceful!

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