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Field Notes

Right Under My Nose

We live in a wonderful urban neighborhood in Honolulu called Kaimuki.  Seated on the backside of Diamond Head, it’s an enjoyable mixture of both modern
A watercolor painting created as a study in composition, color, and activity.

It’s just practice…the Farmer’s Market paintings

I practice often. By this, I mean that to improve, I need to work on my skills. It doesn’t matter what the thing is…many aspects

A Chance Encounter

I was recently on a visit to Portland, Oregon, which is my hometown. I’d planned to hit the local art museum, where I’d also attended

Where does your eye go?

So…where does your eye go? That’s a question I’ve loved asking people as we view artwork together. I love it because it begins to open

My Wandering Watercolor Kit

The desire to create a very portable, yet complete watercolor kit has been a real side-passion.  Happily, I’ve finally arrived at something that solves both

My Favorite Way to Study Composition

                    We know that with practice, most artists will get a handle on “how” to paint

The Tune-up

Each developing artist has the opportunity of determining the type of artist they wish to become. For some of us, this direction may be the

Traveling With Wet Oil Paintings

When traveling, no other activity in painting brings me more excitement than taking my old pochade box outdoors in search of a new motif to

A Morning Ocean Study

This morning, Honolulu was greeted with overcast skies, so I immediately changed my painting plans to take advantage of the situation… because an overcast day