My son Erik is on Spring Break for two weeks, and so we’ve been scheduling sittings each morning as part of an attempt to capture the look of him at 14, and the crazy rate of growth he’s experiencing.  I know that it’s hard to manage the sittings at his age, but he’s giving it a good shot, and for me the time spent together is precious because I can see how fast this is all going away.

We’ll have time for, perhaps, three more sittings before school and life reclaim him.  But the likeness is there, and it’s minor shifts and  background work at this point for the most part.  Wish us luck.


Erik at Fourteen, oil on canvas, 20 x 16″

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  1. Precious moments that never return… nice of Erik to sit for you. Great and handsome portrait! ???? You’re super good!

  2. Hi Learner,
    boy are you right about “moments that never return”. He’s now 21 and off to the mainland, finding his way.
    We never truly realize the passage of time until it hits us later, but thankfully we caught this moment and it’s framed and hanging in our home. I’m expecting it will be around long after I’m gone… perhaps great grandchildren will enjoy it someday.

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