The completion and framing of this piece was completed in time for entry into the Pastel Artist’s of Hawai’i Annual Open Show, where I was pleased to find that it had been awarded 2nd place.

Far Beyond framed
Far and Beyond-Waimanalo Bay Pastel on paper 26 x 28″

The development of the painting has been featured a bit in prior posts, but suffice it to say that the genesis of the painting is from a hike with a sketchbook and my smallest pastel set. I like the idea of that, really. It’s the approach that I have hoped to move towards, and now I have a growing track record of studio pieces done from such plein-air sketches that have worked out.


So, I’ll continue to move forward with the idea that I can make small visual events, like the sketch above, into more fully satisfying paintings that allow for more imagination and personality.  For a painter, this is real progress.

The framed painting is available for purchase on this website .

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  1. Hi Mark,
    I have a question and wondered what your opinion would be.

    I have a mentor who lives in The Gorge. Marilyn Bolles is 80 and has had many success as a watercolor artist. I bring my work to her and she comments. At this point I love all kinds of media. I showed her my mixed media of copper, washi papers, and acrylic. She commented the last time, “When are you going to settle down!” So my question is: Should someone who wants to paint, pick one area and master it or is it appropriate to explore a variety of media in the hopes that she would come to one area of expression eventually? Thanks.
    P.S. We hope you and your family are doing well!

  2. Hi Nancy,

    To answer the question, it depends on what your ambitions are. If you’re in this primarily for enjoyment then you should by all means continue with the course you are on. If, however, you are truly interested in painting and become fluent in a painting medium, I’d recommend sinking all your energy into that.

  3. Beautiful painting, Mark! Congratulations!
    Your honest answer to the comment above has answered my questions as well. Thank you!

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